The following are the Handling Guidelines for passengers holding tickets with cancelled flights to and from Xiamen, Jinjiang, Guangzhou (Canton), Shanghai, Beijing, Hong kong and Macau for travel until 28 March 2020, and shall be valid for request on or before 28 March 2020:

  1. Rebooking and rerouting allowed for travel until 30 June 2020 with waiver of penalty. Must follow ticket validity and book on the same booking class, otherwise, collect difference in fare/tax/surcharge if applicable. Seats are subject to availability.

    For partially used tickets, no fare difference will be collected if booked on the same booking class even if exceeding ticket validity. Otherwise, collect fare difference in fare/tax/surcharge if applicable. Seats are subject to availability.

    The waiver of penalties for rebooking and rerouting to a new flight will only be allowed once for travel until 30 June 2020.

  2. For passengers holding tickets on PR or OAL cancelled flights to/from Xiamen, Jinjiang, Guangzhou (Canton), Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Macau and Taipei with separate tickets on PR domestic sector, please be advised that we are also waiving penalties for rebooking (collect applicable fare/tax diff and NUF) and refund of the PR domestic sector, provided passenger will show proof of OAL ticket.

  3. Refund the cost of tickets with penalties waived. Ticketing Service Charge remain non-refundable. For partially used tickets, refund the value of the unused portion.

    Example 1: MNL
    HKG PR 300 H H 20MAY 0755 HXTHK 25
    MNL PR 313 H H 27MAY 0805 HXTHK 25

    USD 561.00 20MAY20MNL PR HKG280.50PR MNL280.50NUC
    561.00END ROE1.000000

    MNL to HKG flown or used, remaining coupon HKG to MNL coupon value 280.50 NUC
    Amount to be refunded USD281 rounding, follow rounding off rule.

    Example 2: SHA
    MNL PR 337 K K 20MAY 1600 KFCN 20JUN 25
    SHA PR 336 X X25MAY 1050 XFCN 20JUN 25

    CNY 2560 20MAY20SHA PR MNL178.20PR SHA188.98NUC
    367.18END ROE6.958176

    SHA to MNL used or flown, remaining coupon MNL to SHA coupon value 188.98
    NUC188.98 multiplied by ROE6.958176= CNY1,314.95
    Amount to be refunded CNY1,320.

    Annotate in the endorsement box/Restriction field of the new ticket “Rebkng/Refund or Reroute (as applicable) NCOV”

  4. Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD) that are issued for ancillaries such as CESS, FESS and prepaid baggage may be refunded, rebooked / re-associated to the passenger’s new PR-operated flight / flight date.